Dawnswyr Blaenafon

Dawnswyr Blaenafon

Dawnswyr Blaenafon is a group of people who like to learn and maintain traditional Welsh dance and dances from other traditions, and have fun at the same time.

We meet at the Blaenavon Constitutional Club Market Street Blaenavon on Thursday evenings 7.15 pm to 9 pm.

New members are welcome at any time and no experience is necessary, we will guide you through.

We also organise the highly successful Dawns ar y Mynydd / Dance on the Mountain dance festival. This is held in July each year in Blaenavon. The Festival includes demonstrations of dance of all styles. Follow the link to the festival web site to find out what is happening.

Once a month we also hold a Valleys Folk dance Night ( Ceilidh, Ceilidh, Twmpath or Barn dance). See our Facebook page for details..

Dawnswyr Blaenafon
  • Dawns ar y Mynydd 2016

    Dancing at Dawns ar y Mynydd 2016

  • Tredegar House Folk Festival 2016

    Dawnswyr Blaenafon at Tredegar House Folk Festival.

  • Blaenavon Heritage Concert 10/09/2016

    A World Premiere, Twr Cydbwyso Blaenafon (Blaenavon Balance Tower).

  • Blaenavon Heritage Concert 10/09/2016

  • World Heritage Day 2017

    Dancing at Blaenavon World Heritage Day 2017

  • Dawns ar y Mynydd 2017

    Dancing at Dawns ar y mynydd 2017

  • Bunkfest (Wallingford) 2017

    Bunkfest (Wallingford) 2017

    Our first festival in England! We took our own rain.

  • D B at rest

    Awiting our instructions for the pageant on 8 April 2018 for the Man Engine.

  • 1911 and all that at the brickworks

    Dawnswyr Blaenafon in their new costume for the Man Engine April 2019

  • With the Man Engine 2018

    With the the Man Engine 2018

  • Heritage Day 2018

    Dancing at Heritage Day

  • Dawns ar y Mynydd 2018

    Dancing in our Marquee on a very hot day.

  • Eisteddfod Cenedleithol Cymyru Caerdydd 2018

    Demonstration at the Ty Werin.

  • Bunkfest 2018

    Us after an exhausting day in Wallingford!

  • Heritage Day 2019

    Another successful performance on a very hot day!

  • Dawn ar y Mynydd 2019

    A great day once again brilliant dancing and the Maypole

Dawnswyr Blaenafon
Dawnswyr Blaenafon 

Dawnswyr Blaenafon 64 lower Hill Street Blaenavon NP 4 9 EW 01495 792498
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